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Hi, I'm Jon Brousson. Having known since the mid '80's that plastic bags are incredibly convenient, but terrible for the environment, I was troubled everytime I forgot to take my reusable bags to the shops. I was ok, or should I say 'getting better' at taking my green bags to do a weekly food shop, but never really had a bag everytime I needed one.... Sound familiar?

One night whilst laying in a hammock gazing up at the stars I put some thought to this problem. A brilliant solution would need to be with you for every shopping trip, for all those unplanned 'spur of the moment' trips; as convenient as a plastic bag and certainly not bulky to carry around. Realising that current alternatives available have only really been aimed at the 'commited', a true solution would need to be appealing to all ages and genders.

Over and over in my head I would think, 'Attractive, Desirable & Convenient'.

Soon I was very close to the answer, infact I had been sitting on it for the past 5 minutes. My hammock was made from strong parachute material, had great colour and simply stuffed away into it's own convenient pouch. Brilliant! These are the perfect principles for the bag we all need. I just needed to make sure it would never be forgotten, so I pondered, could a bag also fit on my front door key?

The Onya Bag was born...

Onya Bags are now distributed throughout UK, Canada, USA and as of early 2008 the Onya Bag range was introduced to New Zealand by Gail & Tony Ker under license tp Onya Innovations Pty Ltd Australia. Gail & Tony have had many years business experience in several sectors and assure nz clients the same high quality of product and service enjoyed by Australians to date.
The Onya Bag Label has been adapted for the NZ market with a stylised Kiwi and the introduction of black and silver grey as a colour choice.

Ever since that humble begining we have made bags and sold them in the Fremantle Markets. This has given us over 5 years of constant feedback and market research to constantly improve what we do. These days we consider what we do is provide desirable lifestyle accessories that are incredibly useful no-matter what you are getting up to, and they'll also stop you using those pesky plastic bags.

To date we have made 750,000 bags. With every good reusable bag having the ability to eliminate 1,000 plastic bags. Potentially our delighted customers have helped rid the world of 750,000,000 plastic bags.